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About Caritas Cambodia
Caritas Cambodia is an official social development arm of the Catholic Church in Cambodia. It has been built on the values of Love, Concern, Justice, Peace Unity, Sharing and brotherhood. It draws inspiration from the Gospel and aims at integral development of people irrespective of race and creed. Hence the objectives of Caritas Cambodia specifically include the following.

To promote and strengthen activities that are aimed at the integral development of communities particularly to help in Sustainable Agriculture, empowerment program, economic program, Welfare program,
Where We Work
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Upcoming Events
  • Research Seminar on “Social Inclusion in Cambodia”, Wednesday 11-12 March 2020, at Saint Paul Institute Takeo province.

  • The International Women’s Day, 6th March 2020, at Kandal Province.

  • Annual Program Review, 21st to 24th January 2020, Mondulkiri province.

Latest News...

21st DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction) Forum was organized for 2 days on 25th-26th July 201 to invite DRR actors in Cambodia to join together to mutually share the best practices, experiences and lesson-learnt for promoting and enhancing DRR through exchanging and increasing knowhow, skills and capacity to communities and families to cope with disasters through sequent national DRR forum activities.


“DRR is what we need to care about as disaster could be happen anytime. I would like to thank and admire all the relevant organizations, stakeholders and local partners for trying to organization this forum,” said H.E. Nhim Vannda , Senior Mininster, First Vice President of NCDM, adding that “I hoped that this forum would be success through transforming the information and knowledge to people concerning the method to reduce disaster risks.”

Additionally, Mr. Kim Rattana, executive director of Caritas Cambodia said “DRR would help to reduce the number of death, help the vulnerable group such as women and children and their properties together with any other stuffs (document, animals…)”

21st National DRR focuses on “Experiences on Communities and Families Disaster Preparedness”. The first day of the forum was organized at InterContinental Hotel in Phnom Penh. This forum brought about 120 participants from around 20 organizations and local partners to engage into mutually learning and sharing experiences, approaches which are real practices related to mainstreaming and integrating DRR in communities and families through second day of field visiting to Caritas Cambodia target areas in three villages of Lvea Em district in Kandal province and then the reflections and presentation.


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Our Success Stories

btbcc01   Improved techniques in raising chicken help to promote family’s living

fvsd137x75   Supporting a disadvantaged mother to have hope and courage through vocational training skill

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