Study and Research
Rapid Assessment for Avoidable Blindness (RAAB) 2012, Takeo Province


With smoothly official processed RAAB implementation in Takeo Province was approved by National Ethics Committee for Health Research (NECHR) with strong supported from National Program for Eye Health in Cambodia (NPEH) in technical advisory and feedback to improve next RAAB. Highly appreciated with strong encouraged and supported by Takeo Provincial Health Department (PHD)...


Final RAAB Report 2012

Activity of RAAB Report 2012

Knowledge,Attittudes and Practice (KAP) Survey 2010

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TThe Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) was a CBM Cambodia/Australia project, conducted with Takeo Eye Hospital in Takeo Province, Cambodia. CERA was commissioned through CBM Australia to conduct the KAP...


Kind of Studies

Title: Glaucoma in southern Cambodia-A retrospective analysis of 137 patients  (January—December 2012)
   Authors: M. Mörchen, Sarin (Takeo Province)
Title: Perforating eye injuries in a rural province in southern Cambodia (January-December 2006)
   Authors: Sarin S, Ang C, Mao N, M. Mörchen (Takeo Eye Hospital)
Title: Outcome of cataract-surgery in a rural province in Cambodia (September- September 2017)
   Authors: Sarin S, Ang C, Mao N, M. Mörchen (Takeo Eye Hospital)
Title: Outcome of screening for diabetic retinopathy in collaboration with community based peer educations
in Takeo Province, Cambodia.(December 2012)
   Authors: M. Mörchen, Mao N, Van Pelt  (Takeo Eye Hospital)
Title: The impact of traumatic corneal ulcer an intervention project in Takeo Province, Cambodia
      (December 2008-December 2009)
   Author: M. Mörchen, Sarin, UPADHY2
Title: The impact of Knowledge and Attitude on Prevention Eye Care Paractice and Service
Uptake in Cambodia.( 2009)
   Authors: M. Mörchen, L Busija, AL Arnold, G Ormsby, Te serey Bonn, SE Kneeffe
Title: Corneal Ulcer (2005-2006)
   Author: .Dr. Chea Ang
Title: HIV-Fundus (2005-2006)
   Authors: Sarin, Vannak